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In 2002, Tracey and Kara executed a promissory note and mortgage on the home they had been living in together. Although Kara and her mother owned the home, Kara convinced Tracey to apply with her and sign the new promissory note. Shortly thereafter, Tracey and Kara ended their relationship and Tracey moved out. Despite not having an ownership interest, Kara cajoled Tracey to continue to contribute her half of the monthly mortgage bill.

A few years later when Tracey went to refinance the mortgage of her own home, she learned as a result of a denial of credit, that Kara was in significant arrears.

Tracey contacted Attorney DiBlasi to help her with this unfortunate situation. Attorney DiBlasi sent a demand letter to Kara threatening the immediate filing of a lawsuit. Kara retained her own attorney and the following resolution occurred: a $30,000 payment was paid forthwith from Kara to Tracey to reimburse her past payments; and Kara refinanced the applicable mortgage so that Tracey’s name was removed, thereby restoring her credit.


"We thank you for your work on our case, and appreciate your kindness. Know that we will refer you if ever we are asked for a good attorney!"

"Thank you for all of your help as we refinanced the house. Having a knowing and trusted friend like you was very comforting!"

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